TRIKKE vs the Others.


Trikke, three-wheel carving ride offers a unique, fun and healthy activity that one can easily adopt and learn in their youth and engage in for the rest of their lives. These three- wheel carving rides are not to be compared with a scooter, but it is a combination of a bicycle and a Scooter. 

A recent article suggested that there has been a spike behind scooters in toy infusions, these statistics cited are heavily influenced by the using popularity of two wheeled scooters. It was quoted in an article, in the Express Newspaper, on December 3, 2014, that a dramatic rise in injuries began around 2000, when the Razor style scooter exploded in popularity, then tapered for a couple of years in 2005. 

Those styles of scooters are inherently dangerous with the nearly vertical angle of the steering column, the narrow foot platform and small wheels. On the other hand, our vehicles position the rider in a more stable position with two separate foot platforms and a nicely angled front structure that puts the rider's weight further behind the front wheel, so that there is less chance of riders being pitched over the handlebars if they encounter a crack in the pavement, etc. As well, our vehicle's design includes rear brakes that are easily operated with brake handles, as opposed to a single rear brake operated with your foot.  A three-wheel vehicle is inherently more stable than a two-wheel vehicle, according to Trikke's international reports. 

As with any wheeled vehicle, accidents can happen, and safety gear is strongly recommended, but we are confident that our vehicles are much less liable to contribute to injuries than the ubiquitous two wheeled scooters. 

Having three-wheels is more stable, but as we said, accidents can always happen with any type of wheeled vehicle. 

If you are interested in retail or becoming a dealer for Trikke, please email or contact 1(868)671-8811 and ask for Sales and Marketing Department. 


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